Recital Performance Request

2019-09-08 — All Piano Music

Performers, 18 years or older, are allocated a maximum of 10 minutes each. Please submit your request by the Wednesday before the recital so we can prepare the program. Pianists selected to perform will be asked to contribute $20.00 for the opportunity to perform publicly on a grand piano. In the case of duets or ensembles, each pianist would be asked to contribute $10.00.

For recital months with a theme (e.g. Women Composers, Latin Music, Duets), performers following the theme are prioritized, however all music is accepted provided there is time.  For details about this recital, please go to the AmateurPianists Meetup page.

Once you have submitted your request to perform using the form below, you will be taken to a payment page. You’ll also be sent an email confirmation. The AmateurPianists Events coordinator may contact you by email with details, clarifications and such.

To contact the Events Coordinator for questions or help, click here:

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If more than 2 pieces, please list the additional Titles and Composers in the "More Info" box at bottom of the form