Member Spotlight: Tavner Delcamp

Tavner DelcampMy life combines two worlds: teaching chemistry and playing piano. I was born and grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I began piano studies at an early age. I studied piano for 15 years with Frederic Gahr, a superb teacher and good friend who just turned 90 and still remains active as a teacher!

A few years after beginning piano I also learned the French horn and had great experiences playing in youth orchestras throughout high school. Following in my father’s footsteps I majored in chemistry at the University of Cincinnati. After undergraduate studies I continued studying biochemistry ultimately receiving a PhD from the Medical College of Ohio.

Time at the piano was limited during those years and after leaving home I had to make do with a small spinet piano for many years. Looking back I realized I was lucky to at least have an instrument to continue learning the classical pieces that I really love. After moving to San Diego in 1996 I worked for a large pharmaceutical company for 14 years.

Since 2010 my career has changed from research to teaching. I really love teaching! The experience of seeing someone gain knowledge over a period of time because of your own efforts is so gratifying. Fortunately, I also have more time now to devote to practicing piano, performing new repertoire, and also giving lessons.

In addition to AmateurPianists I attend two other piano clubs in San Diego. It’s been a great experience getting to know fellow pianists in San Diego. At the end 2012 I was invited by Glenn to join the Board of Directors of AmateurPianists. Currently, I serve as the Recording Secretary. I believe that AmateurPianists is a wonderful organization which has the mission of encouraging amateur pianists of all levels to learn how to perform in public. My own performing experience has been one of constant learning. My advice is to not give up playing piano regardless of how you feel you perform. The piano is a great instrument!

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