Rewa Colette Soltan

Rewa Colette Soltan, Keith Weibrecht

I was born in Sydney, Australia, and am named after my grandmother’s hometown in New Zealand. Rewa is a Maori (aboriginal) word and is the name of the national flower of that island nation.

Travel was always a major theme in my life. Along with trips throughout the South Pacific and abroad, I am incredibly fortunate to have also visited 49 of our 50 states; Alaska is still on my bucket list.

With a degree in interior design, I am a voracious reader who loves architecture, foreign films, theatre, museums and galleries, and of course – live musical performances. I am passionate about creating beautiful meals that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. Possessed with an insatiable curiosity about everything, I love to engage in conversation with people from different cultures and all walks of life – everyone has a story! I believe that loving-kindness and service to others is the most important legacy any of us can leave.

Most of my professional life has been spent in communications, marketing and orchestrating special events as a spokesperson for a variety of organizations. A writer and community activist since the age of 14, my participation in the first White House Conference on Aging led to my lifelong commitment as an advocate for the elderly. I am equally committed to defending the rights of all children, having served as a trustee on a local school board for two terms. It was my privilege to partner with other like minded San Diegans to help establish an award winning charter school that grew to be a feeder school to High Tech High. I hold dear to the philosophy of Jaqueline Kennedy, “If you bungle bringing up your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.”

My son, Rory James, a college student, entrepreneur and community volunteer is my raison d’être – the light of my life. I only wish he had been triplets!

It is an honour to serve AmateurPianists as your Vice-Chair. The opportunity to nurture and support this special community of artists feeds my soul.

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