Member Spotlight: Keith Weibrecht

Keith Weibrecht

Three years ago I was preparing for the AIDS Lifecycle, a 492 mile, eight day bike ride from San Francisco to LA. The long distance cycling didn’t scare me at all but the minimum $3,000 fundraising requirement sure did! This was also a time in my life when my relationship with the piano was, well, suffering. It had been quite a few years since high school when I was playing a few hours a day, sharply focused on auditioning for a music conservatory. I ended up going to school for architecture instead. Life got busy. Eventually I become a licensed architect. I spent less and less time at the piano. It was pretty discouraging to be less good at something than you were when you were a teenager! So, I thought that if I invited everyone I knew to my home and promised them some live piano music in exchange for big donations then that would be the incentive I needed to refocus. I got to work practicing and on the big day I played some Beethoven, Brahms, and Chopin better than I ever had before. I also soared passed that fundraising minimum!

Since then I’ve been playing the piano a lot more and am much more comfortable playing in public. When my friend, Howard, told me about AmateurPianists I couldn’t wait to get involved. Playing in front of other people is so important. Not only are you sharing your talent but also at the same time you are making yourself a better player by getting out of your comfort zone. After participating in a few events I was asked to be on AmateurPianists’ Board of Directors. It’s been a fantastic experience working with the other board members, all of whom work so diligently towards providing opportunities for amateur pianists to get together and make music.

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