Member Spotlight: Glenn Kramer

Glenn Kramer at the Hotel del Coronado

Glenn Kramer at the Hotel del Coronado

They say everyone has three careers during their lifetime. If that’s the case, I’ve finally settled on my last. First I was an architect, then a pianist, and finally I am a graphic designer.

The tug-of-war between architecture and playing piano as a career began while I was still in college. As architecture deadlines loomed (and the college of architecture building was the only one on campus open 24 hours because students needed to spend “all-nighters” working) I would frequently take my breaks at the building next door: the music building. I would sneak into one of the piano rooms, hopefully finding one unlocked, and play for an hour or two, sometimes even composing. More than once I got “caught” and had to leave, with no where else to go but back to my drafting board.

Even after I graduated from the college of architecture, I continued to come back to the piano as a source of enjoyment and inspiration. After moving to San Diego to pursue graphic design as a career choice in 2000, I stayed involved with music only periodically. My other passions include photography, hiking, traveling and spending quality time with friends and family.

In 2011 I decided to start a recital group for anyone wishing to play piano for audiences, which has now grown into a 400-plus member organization of music lovers and pianists. It’s incredible to think that AmateurPianists, which started as an idea just three short years ago, now provides a myriad of opportunities for performance, Master Classes and creating new friendships.

While 2014 promises to be our best year yet, plans are well under way for 2015 as our board focuses on hosting the first International Competition for AmateurPianists west of the Rocky Mountains. I participated in my first such competition in Paris a decade ago. The opportunity to welcome our fellow piano aficionados from all over the world to San Diego a year from now will truly be a dream come true. I look forward to sharing this journey with each of you!

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