Member Spotlight: Gianni Gotheil

Gianni Gutheil Chicago Marathon

Running in the Chicago Marathon

There are few constants in my life, and among these I count my wife, the piano, and the weather in La Jolla (listed in the order of importance).

Otherwise my life has seen frequent change. I was born to a military family that moved frequently. Only in San Diego have I felt settled, having now lived here for the past 16 years.

I started playing piano at age 8, and started college on a music performance scholarship, but during my junior year I changed my career goal to medicine. I attended medical school in Milwaukee and then completed a residency and fellowship in Baltimore. As a faculty member at the University of Maryland, I specialized in neuro-oncology. My piano came with me to Baltimore, but I had little time to practice. Nonetheless, I think my playing helped convince my wife to marry me in 1994. At our wedding, I managed sufficient composure to play a few works of Chopin.

In 1997, I left Baltimore and came to San Diego. Today I run a private biotech company (Proacta, Inc.) developing targeted cancer therapies. Our most advanced drug is undergoing testing in patients.

I also recently started a second company that runs clinical research trials for other pharmaceutical companies. Our business is just getting started, so at least for now I have time for a few other activities, including a renewed dedication to the piano.

Outside of work, I like running marathons and I like to travel. My wife and I try to get back to Italy at least once a year. When not in Italy, I am always looking for ways to improve my Italian.

I have been working hard to return to the level of piano playing that I enjoyed when I was younger. Playing in front of an audience at the AmateurPianists recitals has helped tremendously. I also subject our friends to pieces from my repertoire as the price of admission to our dinner parties. So far, everyone seems willing to return; however, it is possible that my wife’s excellent cooking is the major motivation.

Gianni Gutheil enjoying coffee in Italy

Enjoying coffee in Italy

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