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It's not just David Byrne and Radiohead: Spotify, Pandora and how streaming
Less discussed so far is the trouble jazz and classical musicians — and their fans — have with music streaming, which is being hailed as the “savior” of the music business. But between low royalties, opaque payout rates, declining record sales and …
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Musicians, vote Yes. The arts will thrive in an independent Scotland
The BBCSSO is a world-class, exceptionally talented orchestra ‒ and it will remain a vital part of Scotland's vibrant classical music scene post-independence. As part of our share of current UK assets, BBC Scotland buildings, equipment and budgets will …
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Opera & Classical Music Listings for July 4-10
The score, which savagely juxtaposes the light fox trot onboard the ship with the crushing sounds of flashbacks to Auschwitz, will be conducted by Patrick Summers, the artistic and music director of Houston Grand Opera, where Mr. Pountney's production …
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