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It’s not just David Byrne and Radiohead: Spotify, Pandora and how streaming
Less discussed so far is the trouble jazz and clas­sical musi­cians — and their fans — have with music streaming, which is being hailed as the “savior” of the music business. But between low royalties, opaque payout rates, declining record sales and …
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Musi­cians, vote Yes. The arts will thrive in an inde­pendent Scotland
The BBCSSO is a world-class, excep­tionally talented orchestra ‒ and it will remain a vital part of Scotland’s vibrant clas­sical music scene post-independence. As part of our share of current UK assets, BBC Scotland buildings, equipment and budgets will …
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Opera & Clas­sical Music Listings for July 4–10
The score, which savagely juxta­poses the light fox trot onboard the ship with the crushing sounds of flash­backs to Auschwitz, will be conducted by Patrick Summers, the artistic and music director of Houston Grand Opera, where Mr. Pountney’s production …
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